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Virtual 3D Company is engaged in simulations and virtual tours in three dimensions.

Company experience of many years developing demonstration products, multimedia-intensive learning,  a three - dimensional computerized models, virtual tours and computer games.

Management & Cooperation

Yehuda Winograd - Director. With 25 years of experience in developing educational computer games and learning-intensive multimedia at CET (Center for Educational Technology), established an alternative medicine company, conducted Midreshet Shomron, a field school, and currently focuses on the accessibility of these technologies for archeology and education.

Atom-mc - an advertising and marketing communications company. 
Creative Director, Alexander Pisarevsky, holds a masters degree in art, a veteran animator, and deals with RT technologies.

MyGames - a company owned by Baruch Ben - Ari, with 15 years of experience in the construction industry and architecture models, developed tools for interior design, developed methods of producing self-exploration tool based on computer models, and developed many computer games.