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We work in cooperation with technology companies around the world

Company Cooperation Site
MyGames Making models, movies, computer games and surfing tools Site
Atom-mc Advertising and marketing communications, animation, three dimensional models Site
Bar IlanUniversity Academic knowledge (working with Prof. Joshua Schwartz and researcher - Dr. Joshua Peleg) Site
the Temple Institute Religious knowledge (working with Rabbi Israel Ariel and CEO David Schwartz) Site
Archaeologists  Archaeological knowledge (working with various universities Archaeologists in Israel)  
Sephirot   Exchange of knowledge and models (working with Slavek Chezwik, a Polish film maker, based on models of ancient sites) Site
Yehuda Etzion Sharing knowledge (a philosophy and thought, deals with the future of Jerusalem)  
Veharenu Bevinyano Sharing knowledge (working with Rabbi Menachem Makover, formerly CEO of the Temple Institute)  
Samuel Balsam Sharing knowledge and models (architecture, structure plan and models of the Temple Mount)  
Etrog Studios Film Production Site
Moses Froumine Sharing knowledge (restores physical models of Biblical musical instruments)  
Samaritans Sharing knowledge (working with the High Priest: Samaritan temple ancient music)  
Yossi Apter Business consultant (member of various boards, works at JDA)  
Nati Ackerman Marketing consultant (with experience in marketing and sales, domestic and foreign)  
Google Earth Using a virtual product that allows roaming the world in light of satellite photographs  
Ma'ale Cinema (Film School, Rabbi Mordechai Vardi, head of the Screenwriting Department)  
Let the music speak Combining original music products (Eyal Ben HaMoriah, musician, writer and Operation) Site
Prof. Max Stern Musicologist, music and biblical expert, lecturer at Ariel  & Beersheba