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Computerized three-dimensional model 

Virtual model, constructed using specialized graphics software; model is used as raw material for products such as photo, video, animation, roaming RT, a computer game

"Tours" the vastness of the model, in a "realistic", high image quality, built according to a script prepared in advance, the film can be viewed anywhere, any means of screening, the user passive 

Three-dimensional film 
Movie "peripheral" events around viewer, wearing special glasses (As of today ...)

RealTime = real time. Reader computerized tools that model in real time, allowing the user to roam independently and active spaces of the model (at a computer or the Internet) 

Conscious activity of various factors and responds to changing situations in accordance with 

Interactive computer game 
RT improved, like video games: In addition to wandering, the user experience with changing situations, can respond to them, and the system responds to his behavior, with tasks, goals, etc.'...) 

Virtual Reality 
The user can select a character that appears in the model, run it, and interact with other characters On Line operated by other users taking part in the ceremony / event 

Movement; in the narrow sense - is considered too passive film animation; in the broadest sense - an animation of the characters in the film / on RT / game and creating their own movement 

Movie / RT occurs vast computer model, with movement performed by the actors 'life', or using computer animation of characters