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Online gaming takes a big chunk over the Globe. At any given moment, millions of people play in a variety of games.
As you know, the vast majority of computer games are not actually educational. Various educational bodies are trying to find the right combination between education and 'Gaming', to capture the public's attention and time - but  it is not an easy task because children and youth do not like 'educational constraints' exist in the game.
We, in Virtual3D, invest thought to resolve this conflict, with familiarity and experience with the gaming world. Our model is tuned to games that meet all the common rules, through we combine knowledge, 'on the way', without constraints, without damaging the 'gaming'.
Imagine, for example, a game, taking place at your ancient site. whether it's an archeological site, or a future site. The user enjoys a rich and varied gameplay, and your goal is achieved ...

We make games that match the customer's site, running or your website, download to the computer, Facebook, and more. 

Three dimensional computerized model of a building or site is a total raw material.
Based on the model, we can produce several products, starting with pictures and sections, through a video tour in the spaces of the model, a RT self navigation in the site, and an interactive computer game.
Virtual tour allows the user to wander around by himself, where ever he wants, within the spatial model, with the mouse  and keyboard keys.