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Israel is full with history and archeology. People of all religions, ages, sexes, are interested in her past, present and future. Millions of tourists visit it every year, and many more are thirsty for online information. We inspect a worldwide need for educational tourism, innovative, academically, with content and contact to ancient resources. 
Unfortunately, the use of advanced visualization tool for archeology is still in its infancy.
Moses, the greatest prophet, found it hard to understand the complex structure of the Tabernacle and its vessels, so God showed him their fire template, or in other words, a virtual three-dimensional model ... 

Rapid technological development today offers us tools that we didn't have, in terms of development tools, computer processing capabilities in the development phase and at play time, Internet bandwidth, and more.
Over time, products' quality had increased, the public taste and demands were improved. If 10 years ago children were satisfied with schematic models, today there is a demand for graphics realistic. Background and motion models have high resolution and natural look is used to attract users to play them. Such products should be for education and archaeology.

We have experience in computer training and product development, new technologies, computerized tools, 3D models, movies and computer games, Web sites, recognition of the needs of field organizations. We have a personal interest in education, Judaism and the history of Israel. We bring creativity and performance accuracy, reliability and art, followed by a thorough study of the architecture of the period.
We work in cooperation with first class religious and academic bodies, with experienced development teams in graphics, 3D, movies, educational computer games, music and more. 
 You decided to redesign your house. You are interested in furniture, flooring, paint, fixtures, kids room, living room, etc..
How will integrate the new item in the current design?
You can use your imagination, but it is not always enough! Does the color of the item fits in the existing colors? Is the item intended for a niche will?
In short, you would like to see the new item integrated in the existing, before you buy ...
We have a solution for you!
RoomGen product is Internet software that allows you to design with surprising ease the existing room in your house, including furniture, flooring, paint walls, rugs, windows, curtains, doors - and then add a new item from the manufacturer's catalog.
Then, with a click of a button, you navigate in any direction from any angle you wish. So you can see if the product is suitable in every way!