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 Different products and different technologies are combined, as needed: 

MacroMedia ShockWave player - from Addobe, this is a common standard for multimedia display on the Internet, business, games and more. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide have installed this player on their computer. Free installation. We use this player in our products. For Installation Click here ... 

Computer model - such as graphic software allows you to paint and draw, so a 3d models allows to sculpt and build a virtual space; graphic artist paints not only the longitudinal dimension, but also the depth dimension.The software is "aware" to the three dimensions, and therefore can view the object from any angle, to show what you can see from any point of view, and conceal what's hidden

Movies and pictures - 3D allow you to place virtual camera, set a track, run it - and the result is a series of images or movie' a virtual tour route

3D film - putting a pair of (virtual) cameras, will produce a 3D movie. Special glasses will give the viewer the feeling as if the action occurs around him

Virtual model & actors - This technique allows to "plant" real actors in the movie. The result is a film in which live actors appear in the virtual model

Current topography integration - using topographical maps and data on height (DTM) existing topography can be constructed around the site, enabling us to "dress" texture. The result is authentic environment integrated model

RT - With more sophisticated tools, you can build a product that allows user to self-exploration, in real 3D, virtual and realistic - with a sense of being there

Animation - Another remarkable tool is animation. With technique, tools, experience and creativity - you can "teach" characters walk, run, and make every move as required by the script

Computer games - In addition to Rt & animation, they include interaction between the computer & user. The user can perform various functions that affect the conduct of the game, and the computer responds to user conduct

Virtual Reality - is an upgrade of a computer game. Active user chooses a character, stepped into his shoes, playing the role. Real players, from around the world, choose their own characters, and act to fully interact with other players active at the same moment - all in the tools and actions planned for

360 0 - A tool that allows user to select a point on the ground and look around using keyboard arrows; This technology allows both the photo was taken in physical site, and within the computerized model

Glasses - The user stands in a physical site, wearing special glasses, connected to the computer. He sees around him the virtual model, and / or combined live actors and virtual environment. The system monitors the user's eye, "see" where he looks, and displays virtualization in accordance

Hologram - a special screening on a gas-glass, creating an impression of three dimensional; limit: there is a need for glass between the viewer and the area to radiate

Virtual Cities - Buildings scanning technology and photography from the air and passing vehicle, which creates a relatively high-speed model; additional investment is also possible to model the interior of the buildings, the facades of the houses, and other elements

Laser scanning - Ancient site can be scanned to create a 3D model data

Show processes - different graphics tools allow viewing sites under construction, completion of walls and buildings - to illustrate the deficiencies changes

Film Production - Pro movie makers will craete a film, where needed

Google Earth - the advanced version of (Pro) allows us to "take" bird's eye view film of each region Wanted, combining effects, images, soundtrack, caption, etc.

Background music - writing, composing, choir singing, and playing original music appropriate to the product; We work with musicians, writers, choir and orchestra Symphony

GIS - Layers-technology is capable of analyzing all existing data about each point in the field, and display it visually; information about points of height, terrain and textures in space - enough for a virtual tour above the surface

GPS - Geographical positioning system, satellite-based detection, used for navigation, tracking and mapping. This technology is used to identify a user's location in space, measuring the location of point in space, combined with glasses technology

Auditorium technologies - complexes to drive viewers (chairs moving simulators), mechanical and electronic sets, great stunts, including taste and smell sensory, multi-channel sound, computerized lighting, etc. - to maximize the viewer experience